P1010031summer time fishing report the tarpon are every were they are in the bays on the beaches and in the rivers and they are biting I have been catching them really good in the rivers for the last two weeks and I thinkits going to just get better for the next few weeks because we have a full moon coming  up and some really good tides what you want to look for are the out going tides in the after noons or at the break of daylight that has been the best time for me its seems like that has been the best feeding time to catch them I have been catching them on the boss swim bait,d.o.a bait buster and the catch 2000 from mirr-o-lure for live bait its all the above green backs,finger mullet,pen fishand shrimp for the 100 plus pound tarpon I have been using 12 to 15 inc live lady fish or cut shadon the bottom those have been the best baits for me to find these fish in the rivers you just have to start at the mouth of the river and idle up river till you see them rolling and when you get to a spot that looks good just stop shut off the motor and sit there for aP1010124little wile if you don't see any go on till the next good looking spot and do the same you will find them never give up here is a picture of Brian and his son with a little tarpon we caught a few days ago   The Trout have really been biting good also I am catching them in about 2 to 5 feet of water over the grass flats we are using a  soft plastic on a jig head or a popping cork with a jig under it or a d.o.a shrimp the way that I have been finding them is pulling up a grass flatsitting my self up with the wind so I drift across the hole flat I am making long troughs with the wind once I find the areas on the flat that they are in I just keep repeating that same driftand we have been getting are far share of them   Red fish I have been targeting them on the hi tides fishing the points and rock pills using cut bait and shrimp I am putting the shrimp on a cork and letting it drift around the points or rocks that I am fishing around and the cut bait I am free lining on a two hook around the same areas it has been working really good for me the fish have been any were 18 to 35inc if you wantto throw soft plastics at them the shreader on a edge hook has been working very will so get out there and catch them up