P4220768Full time Tampa & St Petersburg  fishing guide With over 30 years of fishing and guiding experience on Tampa Bay and South Florida waterways, landing trophy fish comes naturally to Captain Sean Hagen. Captain Sean Hagen's experience extends into the commercial fishing industry; He has stone crabbed out of Naples, followed the kingfish run from the Isle of Capri to Grand Isles, LA, trolled lines off of Bimini in the Bahamas, and Isle de Margarita in Venezuela. In '09 Capt Sean guided out of Yes Bay in South East Alaska for king salmon and halibut. If it has fins and swims Capt Sean can catch it! Captain Sean proudly resides in Plant City, FL. ( the strawberry capital of the world ) with beautiful wife Ashton, daughter Savannah, & son Finn. He is active in the FGA( FL. Guides Assoc. ), the CCA( Coastal Conservation Assoc. ) as well as many other non profit, pro-active angling associations. He performs various fishing seminars, writes fishing articles and reports for numerous on-line magazine forums including Cyber Angler & Reel Reports. Also, Capt Sean hosts the Plant City Chapter of O'Brien's "Reel Simple" Fishing Club whose Motto is " Don't Let Your Kid Be The One Who Got Away!" Capt Sean was chosen by EUPRO Tackle to head their PRO-STAFF department. He also plays a vital role in developement and design. Before any EUPRO product hits the store it has been field tested and approved by the Pro-Staff department. EUPRO is proudly endorsed by Shamrock Charters, who is sponsored by EUPRO Tackle. So, when you fish with Capt Sean you will be " FISHING LIKE A PRO " with EUPRO!

   CHARTERS     Family Fun Fishing In Tampa Bay (Year Round!)

The inshore waters of Tampa Bay & St Petersburg offer the perfect setting for a great family day of fishing. You usually don't have to travel far to find schools of ravenous Ladyfish that leap skyward when hooked, huge packs of hungry Jack Crevalle, and drag burning mackerel, in addition to the usually target species of Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, and Trout. Nothing is more fun than having 1, 2, or even 3 kids all hooked up at the same time. It is an experience that they, and you, will not forget.

Tampa fishing Captain Sean Hagen is a patient and courteous teacher, maintains his vessel in perfect condition, and always operates with you, and your families, best interest in mind. You and your family will be at ease from the time we leave the dock until the dreaded time we have to head home (trust me, no one wants to leave a great day of fishing!).

One of the best things about a Family Fun fishing trip is that you never know what you will come across. These Tampa Bay fishing trips often start out chasing Jacks, Ladyfish, and  Spanish mackerel and end up with landing large Tarpon, Snook, and even Tampa Bay sharks!

(Light Tackle; Live and Artificial Bait) On family fishing trips we typically use ultra light spinning tackle from 15-20 Eupro braided and mono lines. We will target fish with live bait and easy-to-use artificials.


Price includes up to 4 anglers and 1 observer. 

(Maximum load being 5 persons + Captain)
**There is no minimum age requirement, but we ask that you honestly assess your child's comfort level with boating. Children require constant attention while on a boat, so please no more than 2 children per adult.

Shark Fishing in Tampa Bay
(Day Or Night)

 hammer head tampaNothing can compare to the thrill of hooking into a frantic shark. Fishing Tampa Bay for these large, aggressive species takes specialized tackle, much preparation, and a myriad of skills learned only through years of attracting, catching and handling these apex predators.
With years of experience honed in the waters of Tampa Bay & Boca Grande; known for its large shark population, Captain Sean Hagen will use his skills & tricks-of -the trade to target: Hammerhead, Bull, Black Tip, Lemon, Spinner, Nurse and Bonnet Head sharks from the shark rich waters of Southwest Florida. If you are looking to tangle with some of the biggest fish that roam the Gulf Coast of the United States, this is your chance.Due to the extremely high demands placed on the angler, and the inherent danger of these large predatory species, a 30-45 minute period is required prior to your trip to familiarize the angler with the equipment and the process.

Live and Dead Baits; Key West Style Chumming; Heavy and Light Tackle.Typically these giant sharks are targeted with 50-200lb braided lines, however, at times we will attempt to land these fish on light tackle. Special World Record attempts are welcome, and IGFA equipment of the highest level will be provided. Prior notice is required, and your Captain will be happy to discuss the best possible plan of attack when attempting these World Records.

Shark fishing is strictly catch and release. The only exception being those specifically targeted for a World Record. Captain Sean will make the final determination in whether or not to harvest any shark based on its estimated weight and eligibility towards an IGFA record.


Price includes up to 4 anglers.

Goliath Grouper Of Tampa Bay


Goliath Grouper (Jewfish) are available year-round In Tampa Bay and are a unique experience that cannot be found readily outside of Southwest Florida. These bohemoth fish are an excellent challenge for anglers of all levels.

One of the largest fish found anywhere along the coastal United States, Goliath Grouper (formerly known as Jewfish), regularly grow to the size of a Volkswagon Bug. These monster fish are found in shallow inshore waters, usually around bridges, and structure, as well as deeper offshore waters over wrecks and reefs. Goliath Grouper reek havoc on your every day reef fisherman, as they are known to engulf Cobia, Amberjack, Snapper, and Grouper as large as 30lbs. They are considered by many to be the ultimate in shallow water big game fishing.

You can look at pictures, watch videos and TV shows, and hear stories about Goliath Grouper, but nothing will prepare you for the actual sight of a 200lb, 300lb, or even 500lb fish coming up alongside the boat. On some occasions you can even watch the giants take the bait! Goliath Grouper are monstrous fish, with attitudes to match. They will do everything in their power (and I mean everything) to reach the protection of their lair before you can get them to the surface. They are an extremely powerful fish, and are surprisingly fast and agile for an animal of this size.

Please be aware that catching Goliath Grouper is a full contact sport and is not for the faint of heart. Many young, fit men have been left crying for their mommy just minutes into a battle with a large Goliath. If you can tough it out and subdue one of these hulks, you will be rewarded with a photo that will surely be the topic of conversation for many dinner parties to come.

Live and Dead Baits; Extra Heavy Tackle.
Goliath Grouper are targeted with some of the heaviest, most durable tackle available today. 150-500lb test is required depending on the particular location. If you have not caught a Goliath before, this will be an entirely new fishing experience. Due to the dangerous nature of targeting fish of this size and power, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your trip in order for the Captain to familiarize you with the tackle and techniques, as well to be fitted for a fighting harness.


Price includes up to 4 anglers. 

*Also note that GOLIATH GROUPER/ JEW FISH are protected in state and federal waters and can not be harvested under penalty of the law. Both captain and angler most observe a strict policy of catch & release.