Tarpon fishing at Tampa Bay's Skyway Bridge has slowed a wee bit acorrding to Captain Sean Hagen of Shamrock Fishing Charters.

" The tarpon are at Tampa Bay's Skyway Bridge, but we are having to work for 'em ! Their is still alot of quality size fish (150lb+) mixed with smaller size poons in the 50-80lb range. The tarpon are feeding on the large pods of balled up threadfin that have invaded the bridges. There is so much bait, it is challenging to get a poon interested in your hook."

Persistance, repetition, and a bag of tricks have paid off. Won't say we are killing 'em , but we have been getting 'em every trip out. The key is taking advantage of your opprotunities, not loosing fish from angler error. Our clients have been on their "A" game and have been rewarded with some decent fish, good work ya'll !

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Tampa Tarpon Report, reports large pods of poons along Anna Maria Island's Bean Point. Weather condtions in the bay have been challenging with recent wind and rain. Good news is the tarpon are still where you left them. Look for poons in  all TTR hot spots! Egmont, Been point, Skyway, and along the beaches from St Pete southward. Juvinle tarpon and young adults have been stacked up in the Hillsbourgh river, downtown Tampa Bay up to Sulpher Springs. Crabs and out going tide will be key to cathching 'Ol Silver Sides as we approach the next moon phase.